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Coaches Locker

Be Prepared for Game Day 

Tournament & League information: Please read all information below.

For League & Tournament play, please double check with your players and families, to insure they are available to compete in your scheduled event. We look forward to meeting your team at the registration table, before your first game. Please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your first game to check-in and get settled. 


  • Tournaments schedules will be released on Thursday’s for a Saturday event and Friday for a Sunday event. The schedule will be emailed to the registration email address and will be posted under the game schedules tab at
  • Leagues schedules will be released on a weekly basis, usually 4-days prior to your league day. The schedule will be emailed to the registration email address and will be posted under the game schedules tab.
  • Please note, schedules may change prior to the event. Please continue to check your email, the website for changes and review the schedule at the event site.
  • DOWNLOAD the free Midwest Athletics App at

Payments:  Tournament entry fees need to be paid prior to your first game. Payments can be made using Pay Pal on the Midwest website, mailed to Midwest Athletics, 16400 Eastland Dr., Roseville, MI 48066 or given to the tournament director, on the day of the event. Teams or individuals will not be allowed to compete or participate in any event hosted by Midwest Athletics, until payment in full is made. NO EXCEPTIONS. Tournament/League Cancellations need to be made at least 24 hours prior to the event to receive a full refund. Any cancellation that is past the 24 hour window will result in forfeiting your team entry fee/fees. 


Game Day Tournament Information

  • All facilities will open at 8:30 a.m. Please DO NOT arrive earlier then 8:30 a.m. We will not let you in
  • Admission will be charged for spectators-League $5 for adults, $3 for 10-17, Tournament $7 for adults & $5 for 10-17
  • Teams are required to visit the registration table prior to the first game for further tournament information
  • Team rosters (names & numbers) need to be in prior to your first game sent to me via email. No exceptions. If you have played in prior Midwest events then rosters are not needed 
  • Midwest will need volunteers for the official book and scoreboard from each team. There will be an official book for each court 
  • The Home team is the first team listed on the schedule sheet

If you have any questions about your registration or the up-coming event, contact Stephen Benard at


Division Breakdown/Schedules:

  • Midwest Athletics primary goal is to have all teams compete in the best games possible games. Age and ability will be the determining factor for Division placement.
  • Midwest Athletics reserves the right to move teams up or down a division, to insure that the most competitive games happen for each event.
  • Tournament schedules are released on Thursday’s.



  1. All teams must submit a completed roster prior to their first game. The roster must include player name, jersey number, grade, school, address and date of birth.
  2. Rosters should be given to the site director prior to your first game.


Note: Players can play for more than one team in the tournament, but not in the same age group.


Player Protest Procedure:


  1. Any protest of eligibility must be made before the conclusion of the game.
  2. In the case of an eligibility protest, rosters will be on site. Coaches will be required to have a copy of their roster on site.
  3. Player(s) in question must have proof of age/grade at the time of the protest to verify their eligibility.
  4. If a protest of eligibility is upheld, the violating team will forfeit all games in which the ineligible player(s) participated. The player(s) in question will not be able to play in the age group in question.


  1. All Midwest Athletics rulings are final. Protests of eligibility not covered in this rule shall be handled by the Site Director.
  2. Player protest cost is $100 per player. If the protest is upheld, the $100 fee will be returned. To initiate a player protest, contact the site director, present the $100 payment, team name, jersey number and name of player in question.


League Rules: (MHSAA Rules apply, except for the following):


  • Games will consist of two, 20-minute running halves.-The clock will stop the last minute of each half.
  •  Overtime is 2 minutes-(1 minute of running and 1-minute of stopped). Each team will begin with a jump ball. Overtime will continue with 2-minute sessions until there is a winner. One full time out per overtime session.
  • Two full (one-minute) time outs and two 30-second time outs are allowed per game. Time outs do carryover per half but not for overtime. Warm-up time before each game will be 3-5 minutes-Half time will be 3 minutes long. 
  • Games will consist of two, 20-minute running halves. 
  • Full court press is not allowed after a twenty-point lead has been established. If the lead goes back to twenty points, then pressing is allowed. If the point spread is twenty or more during the last 2 minutes of the second half, the clock will not stop. 
  • A player or coach receiving 2 technical fouls in a game will e ejected from the current game.
  •  MWA will not tolerate any un-sportsmanship like conduct from anybody for any reason.

Event Director: Stephen Benard-313-580-0351 or


Site Director: Darrell Brown-313-657-0090 or